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Halloween Hangover: The act of being sick from eating too much candy.

Follow These 4 Tips to Get Back on Track;

  1. Understand HOW sugar affects your body.

2. Plan Ahead.

  • Have a game plan- trust me, there is no candy shortage. Candy is sold 365 days/year, so you don’t need to overindulge just because of a “holiday”.
  • Plan out your meals. You’ve heard the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Have a healthy dinner planned before/after taking the kids trick-or-treating so you don’t fill up on sugar.
  • Try some of these healthy recipes to get a sweet fix without the added sugars.

3. Enjoy in MODERATION.

  • You don’t need to restrict yourself. Often times eliminating certain foods or food groups will lead to binging on the “forbidden” items and leave you wanting it even more. Go ahead, sit down, and enjoy a piece of candy. Try to avoid mindless eating in front of a computer screen, TV, or on the go. We tend to eat as much as 25% or more calories  when we are distracted!

4. Get Moving! 

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