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Smoothies are pretty simple- toss in some fruit, greens, liquid, and source of protein and voila! They are such a simple concept that many people actually end up doing themselves more harm than good without even knowing it.

Here are a few tips to making a healthy smoothie:

Try to incorporate both carbohydrates and protein. If not using as a post-workout, adding a healthy fat is a great choice as well. Many people just add a variety of fruits and juice to their smoothies which causes our blood sugar to spike and our energy levels crash soon after. To avoid the sugar roller coasted, make sure you are adding a component from each category.

  1. Start with a liquid.
  • Water
  • Nut milk (coconut or almond are good choices)
  • Coconut water (great in the summer or if you expect to sweat a lot)

      2. Add a protein.

  • Pasteurized Egg Whites (I used this on Whole30)
  • Clean Protein Powder of choice
  • Peanut or Almond Butter (could also count as your fat)

     3. Add Your Veggies:

  • Greens: Spinach or Kale work great, but most greens will work!
  • You can also play around with carrots, beets, etc.

     4. Add a fruit or a combination (this adds sweetness to your smoothie):

  • Berries (preferred due to fiber content)
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Peaches

     5. Healthy Fats:

*Tip: If you are making a smoothie as part of your post-workout recovery, I wouldn’t recommend adding fat because it will slow the absorption of carbohydrates and protein to your muscles (where you need it!). Any other time such as breakfast or pre-workout snack (at least an hour before), the healthy fats are a great addition. 
  • Ground flax
  • Avocado (makes a great texture!)
  • Almond or peanut butter

      6. Get creative!

  • Try adding anti-inflammatory foods and spices such as a pinch of ginger, turmeric, or cinnamon!
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