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Weeks 3 & 4 started to feel pretty normal as I got into the groove. Sure, meal prep got old, I REALLY, REALLY wanted ice cream and a glass of wine, etc., etc, but just when I wanted to quit, I knew if I held out a little bit longer I would feel accomplished and on the road to a healthier relationship with my food cravings.

Not to mention, my willpower has gotten SO much stronger!

Also, if you are concerned with “what comes next” or “life after Whole30”, read to the bottom. Many of you may feel a little nervous about wrapping up your challenge and maintaining the healthy principles that were introduced during the month. I will give you several “take aways” to ease your anxiety.

Without further ado, here are recipes for Weeks 3 & 4.


Lunch & Dinners 


Meal Prep Sunday:


  1. Roast broccoli and sweet potatoes


  1. Wash all fruits and vegetables and chop as many as you can (within reason)
  2. Hard-boil your eggs
  3. Prepare Grain Free “Cereal”
  4. Pre-portion out snacks (nuts, veggies, fruit) into single serving bags or containers
  5. Defrost meats, if necessary
  6. Everything else should come together fairly quickly during the weeknights!

So now that you are approaching the finish line, what next? 

Congrats, you did it! But what now?

Remember that Whole30 was just a starting point. I really liked the way it was phrased on the Whole30 website, so I’m not going to recreate this point, “You cannot erase decades of unhealthy food choices and damaging behaviors in just a month. Our program gives you an amazing jump-start, but you’re not “done” yet. Second, you will slip back into old habits. At some point, no matter how good you feel now, no matter how much you swear you’ve left those less bad foods behind… they’ll creep back in, maybe a little, maybe a lot. And finally, this is okay. Expected, even.  And it does not mean that you have failed. Hear us clearly on that one.”

Here are a few tips to remember as you venture off the plan;

Continue to take the important principles of Whole30 with you.

  • Continue to moderate your added sugar and alcohol intake

Remember, just because you can now enjoy some of the foods that were eliminate on the Whole30, doesn’t mean that you need to eat them all on Day 30! They will still be there on Day 31 and Day 365 🙂

Always eat mindfully- Sit down, turn off the tv, remove your cell phone from sight and enjoy your meal that you have taken the time to prepare.

Nourish your body with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, quality sources of protein, and healthy fats . Don’t forget water!

When you’re done, move the heck on. No guilt, no shame, no remorse. You made a conscious decision to eat something you deemed worth it. Good for you. Now let’s move on back to our normally scheduled healthy meals.

Remember to always evaluate whether you think something is “worth it”. How will you feel after you eat it? Is it something you truly enjoy, or just because it is within eye sight? Are you really hungry or are you bored/stressed/nervous? 

Continue to follow my blog for consistent healthy recipes, most of which are gluten-free, paleo-ish, and yummy (I know, I’m biased)! 

If you are interested in more personalized programs, email me at


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